Other Sealing Products

Other Sealing Products
Insulation Gaskets
Its chief purpose is to give effeective electical isolation on a flange. Effective use of insulation gaskets will contibute significantly to the reduction of cost in a cathodic protection system. They have a crucial role to play in limiting current flow on extended pipelines or around hazardous areas and in the control of corrosion. Insulation kits are provided in sets to fit standard flanges conforming to ANIS, BS and DIN standards. Phenolic materials are used primary for insulation on the sleeves and washer while the gasket is usually reinforced Phenolic with neoprene facing. For critical applications where Phenolic materials are not suitable we recommend Pikotek sealing and electrical isolation solutions.

Flat Gasket With Metel Inner Eyelet
These are conventional raised face flange gasket made of non-metallic materials reinforced with a stainless steel inner eyelet. The eyelet is made of a fine stainelss steel of between 0.12mm to 0.2mm thickness and U-bent onto the gasket for greater blowout protection. This will result in a gasket with the following advantages:

High resistant against blowout, ruptures and extrusionProtect high purity media from contamination
Proectect against cross section diffusion of dry gases or other media
Protect the gasket from attack by aggressive media.
Offer higher maximum unit load and stress resistant over conventional gasket
Offer better fire resistant charateristics and helps to maintain seal in the event of fire